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WCP Blog

Product Highlight - GreyT Telescope

I'm very excited to release this product. Telescopic mechanisms has always been a pain for our team (FRC1323). After using this telescope design in the offseason of 2021, I can confidently say telescopic mechanisms will no longer be a painful experience. Before I get into the details, big shout out...
by R. C. on November 19, 2021

Product Highlight - Swerve X

Our newest generation of swerve module(s) is out! Some cool features: Module is symmetric and motors are placed better to handle intaking. The green arrow shows the new orientation that allows easier intaking. The red was the previous motor placement and caused issues while intaking game objects.  All 4 modules...
by R. C. on November 05, 2021

Product Highlight - Polycord Pulleys

Do you need a single pulley? A double? A triple? You can have 1,323 pulleys, or even more, all by stacking a single part! Our new stackable pulleys allow you to have as many (or as little) pulleys as you’d like by stacking a single part over and over and...
by R. C. on April 12, 2021

New WebSite - Customers, what to do?

Welcome! Hope the you like the new site.  Here are the things to do. We have only imported your name & email. No other information has been transferred over such as addresses, passwords, and previous orders.  If you are an online/web payment user. Please reset your password, add addresses and...
by R C on February 14, 2021

New WebSite

Over the course of the company we've gone through and developed multiple sites with the goal of making improvements and adding features we didn't have before.  We started the business in 2013 by using bigcommerce. At the time bigcommerce kinda did what we wanted but not really. It didn't support...
by R C on January 19, 2021