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217-5670: Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU
217-5049: SRX Mag Encoder
217-4244: Power Distribution Panel
217-4243: Pneumatic Control Module
217-4245: Voltage Regulator Module
217-4398: Talon SRX Encoder Breakout Board
217-4401: Talon SRX Analog Breakout Board
217-4429: CAN Connector
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CTRE Sensors

Our friends at Cross the Road Electronics (CTRE) have developed a variety of cool sensors and control system components that will make your robot smarter and easier to control than ever!

  • SRX mag encoder is a high-count, dual-acting magnetic encoder that plugs into a Talon SRX to make rotational feedback easier than ever
  • Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU provides a fast-acting and reliable inertial measurement sensor to your robot so that your sense of direction is always on point

Combine the CTRE sensors with the Talon SRX, or use other sensors with the Talon breakout boards, wire over CAN or PWM, and you’re ready to move!

P/N Description Material CAD Drawings Weight
217-5049 SRX Mag Encoder - STEP - 0.070 lbs
217-5670 Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU - STEP - 0.020 lbs
217-4429 CAN Connector - STEP PDF 0.036 lbs
217-4245 Voltage Regulator Module - STEP PDF -
217-4243 Pneumatic Control Module - STEP PDF 0.138 lbs
217-4244 Power Distribution Panel - STEP PDF 1.331 lbs