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WCP-1221: Limelight 3G Vision Camera
WCP-0150: Limelight 3 Vision Camera
LimeLight Vision Camera
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LimeLight Vision Camera

Limelight is a plug-and-play smart camera purpose-built for FIRST Robotics Competition. No experience required - we will teach you exactly how to add vision to your robot. Limelight is easy enough for teams with no vision experience or expert mentors, and powerful enough for experienced teams who need a reliable, competition-ready vision solution. New to LL3G


Limelight 3G is the new monochrome, global-shutter variant of Limelight 3. It features:

  • A wider FOV at 80 x 56 degrees
  • An OV9281 sensor with 120FPS capture at 1280x800, and 240 fps capture at 640x480.
  • An Anodized, CNC-Machined, Laser-etched, and FANLESS enclosure. This is the best-looking and best-feeling Limelight yet.
  • Threaded M3 Mount holes in addition to the standard LL3 mount holes
  • Fewer internal parts and assembly steps. The best part is no part.
  • Vastly improved performance in low-light conditions
  • Increased AprilTag and pose estimate stability.
  • Accurate pose estimates while in motion
  • And a few upcoming software upgrades that will take us one step closer to calling localization a solved problem in FRC.
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    P/N Description Material CAD Onshape Drawings Weight
    WCP-1221 Limelight 3G Vision Camera - STEP Link - 0.238 lbs
    WCP-0150 Limelight 3 Vision Camera - STEP Link - 0.169 lbs