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Example Pneumatic Wheel Assembly (8
WCP-0049: Pneumatic Wheel Hub (Aluminum, 1/2
WCP-0047: Pneumatic Wheel Tire & Tube (6
WCP-0167: Pneumatic Wheel Tire & Tube (8
WCP-0158: Pneumatic Wheel Tire & Tube (8
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Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels act like high performance car tires and let your robot tackle almost any terrain with ease. Our Pneumatic Wheels are creatively designed in order to utilize the same hub for all sizes. This lets users swap between sizes by simply replacing the insert and the tire!

  • 6” and 8” diameter options
  • ½” hex bore hub
  • Adjustable pneumatic suspension built into the wheel
  • 3 different tread options available
P/N Description Material CAD Drawings Weight
WCP-0049 Pneumatic Wheel Hub (Aluminum, 1/2" Hex Bore) 6061-T6 Aluminum STEP - 0.327 lbs
WCP-0100 Pneumatic Wheel Hub Adapter (6" OD to 8" OD) Acetal (Delrin) STEP - 0.043 lbs
WCP-0047 Pneumatic Wheel Tire & Tube (6" OD, Centipede) 6061-T6 Aluminum Tire Only
Wheel Assembly
PDF 0.798 lbs
WCP-0167 Pneumatic Wheel Tire & Tube (8" OD, Diamond) 6061-T6 Aluminum Tire Only
Wheel Assembly
PDF 0.656 lbs

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