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WCP SS Flipped Gearbox (SingleSpeed, 2 Stages)
WCP SS Flipped Gearbox (SingleSpeed, 2 Stages)
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WCP SS Flipped Gearbox (SingleSpeed, 2 Stages)

FRC designers want to do the most in the least amount of space. One of our solutions to this is the WCP SS Flipped Gearbox. Combine the WCP SS Flipped Gearbox with any WCP bearing block that has a 2" center to center and unleash the power and variability to make your perfect drivetrain!

  • Flipped motors opens up 1.8” per side compared to WCP SS Gearbox, over 3.5” saved in the width of your drivetrain
  • Compact form factor gives you more room for control system components, subsystem sections, and game pieces
  • A wide range of reductions from 5:1 to 15.5:1
  • Compatible with wheels from 3.25” to 6” in diameter
  • Accepts Falcon 500s or any other 2" bolt circle with a maximum diameter of 2.5" (~64mm)

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P/N Description Material CAD Drawings Weight
WCP-0225 WCP Rotation SS Gearbox (2 Stages) 6061-T6 Base
Base + Brake