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WCP-0341: OMIO CNC Router X8 (USB)
WCP-0347: OMIO CNC Tube Fixture
WCP-0372: OMIO CNC Tube Fixture Clamps (5-Pack)
WCP-0348: OMIO CNC Nut Strip (2-Pack)
Omio CNC & Accessories
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Omio CNC & Accessories

The Omio X8 CNC is a powerful CNC router in an accessible tabletop size that has exploded in popularity in the FRC community over the past few years due to its low price and high performance. Typically, teams would need to import their Omio from its overseas manufacturers, which can take several months, so we decided to cut out the wait for our customers and bring the Omio to them! The Omio X8 features:

  • A 770mm x 565mm cutting surface (~30.3” x ~22.2”)
  • A 2200 Watt spindle capable of cutting through wood, aluminum, plastic, steel, and more
  • 0.05mm positional accuracy (~0.002”)
  • 100 - 4000 mm/min feed rate (~3.9 in/min - ~157.4 in/min)

But that’s not all, we also developed a custom workholding fixture specifically for the Omio X8 that will allow users to machine square and rectangular tube stock with ease. With the Omio X8 and a tubing fixture, any team can make tube and flat plate structures that teams like 973, 1323, and 1678 use to build their robots. Complete your CNC set with our carbide endmills and you’ll be tearing through metal in no time!


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P/N Description Material CAD Drawings Weight
WCP-0341 OMIO CNC Router x8 (USB) - - - 200 lbs
WCP-0342 OMIO CNC Router Stand (Mobile Cart) - - PDF 150 lbs
WCP-0343 OMIO CNC Router Enclosure (Base) - - PDF 100 lbs
WCP-0347 OMIO CNC Tube Fixture 6061-T6 Aluminum - PDF 7.479 lbs
WCP-0247 OMIO CNC Tube Fixture Clamps (5-Pack) - - PDF .1 lbs/each
WCP-0248 OMIO CNC Nut Strip (2-Pack)  6061-T6 Aluminum - PDF 1.188 lbs