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WCP-0157: Semi-Enclosed Energy Chain (15mm x 30mm, 1 meter length)
WCP-0159: Semi-Enclosed Energy Chain (15mm x 45mm, 1 meter length)
WCP-0166: UHMWPE Rope (.125
WCP-0200: Friction Brake (3/8
WCP-0247: #25 Chain TurnBuckle
WCP-0051: Spartan #25 Chain Tensioner
WCP-0096: Polycord Pulley (1/4
WCP-0081: 1
WCP-0082: 1
217-3425: 1
217-3453: 1
217-4399: VersaFrame Linear Motion Gusset Kit
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Elevator Components

Elevators can be more effective at lifting objects than arms because they don’t move the object further away from the robot while lifting. The tradeoff in performance comes with complexity, and often this has kept many teams from making elevator systems on their robots. Our collection of elevator products will help your team make a simple, reliable elevator system that will be sure to elevate your level of play:

  • Energy chain makes wire management on elevator systems a breeze
  • Our variety of chain tensioning options let you chain-rig your elevator power
  • Use a friction brake to hold your elevator in place without stalling your motors
  • Create your elevator frame with aluminum tubes and gussets