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Stock Status

Updated: 05/02/2023

ETA P/N Description Notes
~ 217-6515 Falcon 500, Powered By Talon FX Out of stock for 2023
1-2 Weeks WCP-0341 OMIO CNC Router x8 (USB) Routers arriving weekly, new orders will be 1-2 weeks from order date if not in stock.
Summer 2023 ~ OMIO Cart + Enclosure

Production has been paused for season.

**Orders between November - April will not be fulfilled until the following summer time**

May 2023 ~ OMIO CNC Tube Fixture

Production will resume in May 2023

1-2 Weeks


Swerve X

Most items are in stock, we are just working on 72t gears and 3D print kits. That will get most modules ready to ship.

The corner mount flipped kits are missing a spacer for the gears below option. Those spacers are coming in soon. 

~ ~ Cascade Elevator

We have the majority of the items for both First Stage and Extra Stage kits. We are only missing the High Strength Collar and Plastic Tube Plug Sleeves.

So we will ship all instock items, and even send the Balance High Strength Collar. The Plastic Tube Plug Sleeves will ship separately once instock.