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Stock Status

Updated: 07/20/2021

ETA P/N Description Notes
Late Fall 217-4775 3.25" Omni  
Late Fall 217-5949 Versahex Adapters (1/4" sqaure bore)  
Late Fall 217-5950 Versahex Adapters (1/4" sqaure bore)  
10/30/2021 WCP-0112 16T Aluminum 1/2" Hex Gear In Production, order steel for now
09/30/2021 WCP-0233 45T Bevel Gear In Production
08/30/2021 WCP-0282 Falcon Spline Adapter In Production
08/30/2021 WCP-0341 OMIO CNC Router x8 (USB) Round 2 shipped, Round 3 shipping no later than end of August. 
08/15/2021 WCP-0347 OMIO CNC Tube Fixture  
08/30/2021 ~ Omio Cart + Enclosure Made to order, currently processing open orders. 
09/30/2021 ~ Solid Roller Wheels V2 in production