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Stock Status

Updated: 05/17/2022

ETA P/N Description Notes
WCP-0112 16T Aluminum 1/2" Hex Gear In production, order steel for now: WCP-0170
WCP-0341 OMIO CNC Router x8 (USB) On order
WCP-0348 OMIO CNC Nut Strip (2-Pack) On Order
~ OMIO Cart + Enclosure Made to order. New orders will ship after season.
~ Greyt Elevator
1 Month


Swerve X

Currently machining more 72t gears. We are also kitting more hardware & 3D print kits.

Flipped versions are still waiting on 9mm wide pulleys.

Late Fall


Falcon 500, Powered By Talon FX We are expecting to have more inventory from November to December 2022
~ Linear Servo Actuators On order
~ Tube Plugs 1" x 1" & 1" x 2" We blew through our last shipment. We have more on order.
~ Pneumatic Hub & Tire WCP-0049 & WCP-0047 (6" Tire) will be out of the rest of the season. We have more on order, but they wont arrive fast.
WCP-0405 Ratchet & Pawl (1/2" Hex) On order
WCP-0075 Aluminum Wheel (4" OD x 1.5" WD, 1/2" Hex Bore) On order
N/A 217-5049 SRX Mag Encoder On order
~ GreyT Telescope Stage Kits In kitting process
N/A WCP-0416 GreyT Telescope Gearbox

We are completely out of the gearbox basekit. We are working on getting more plates done.

If you need just the other sub components please reference the user guide.