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SMC Manifolds & Solenoids
SMC Manifolds & Solenoids
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SMC Manifolds & Solenoids

Solenoids and manifold bases designed for use with pneumatic systems on FIRST ®Robotics Competition and other large scale robots.

  • 12V solenoid valve includes connectors and wires
  • 4 different manifold sizes available
  • Base mounts include input fittings
P/N Description Material CAD Drawings Weight
WCP-0804 SMC SY3140-6LZ Single Solenoid Valve - STEP PDF 0.110 lbs
WCP-0805 SMC SY3240-6LZ Double Solenoid Valve - STEP PDF 0.151 lbs
WCP-1509 SMC SS5Y3-41-03-N7T 3 Station Base Mount - STEP PDF 0.309 lbs
WCP-1510 SMC SS5Y3-41-04-N7T 4 Station Base Mount - STEP PDF 0.372 lbs
WCP-1511 SMC SS5Y3-41-05-N7T 5 Station Base Mount - STEP PDF 0.435 lbs
WCP-1512 SMC SS5Y3-41-06-N7T 6 Station Base Mount - STEP PDF 0.506 lbs
WCP-0806 SMC SY3000-26-9A Blank Station Kit - - PDF 0.027 lbs
WCP-0802 Pancake Pneumatic Cylinder 3/4" Bore 1/2" Travel - STEP PDF 0.138 lbs