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Product Highlight - Polycord Pulleys

by R. C. on April 12, 2021

Do you need a single pulley? A double? A triple? You can have 1,323 pulleys, or even more, all by stacking a single part! Our new stackable pulleys allow you to have as many (or as little) pulleys as you’d like by stacking a single part over and over and over. The stackable pulleys are designed to fit together seamlessly, and are sized such that the outer diameter of a ¼” polycord cable on the pulley is either 1.625” or 2” to match with our flex wheel sizes. These pulleys are:

  • The same width as our original polycord pulleys in the same configuration
  • Infinitely stackable
  • Sized so that the polycord touches the object, not the pulley
  • Designed with piloting pins and pockets to make assembly a breeze
Manual and more information is available on the Versaroller page. We will be adding the "stackable" feature to more products coming out later this year!

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