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Linear Bearings
Linear Bearings
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Linear Bearings

These specialty bearings slide axially along a round shaft or tube’s length in order to achieve simple linear motion. Use a set of linear bearings to replace complex radial bearing stack setups and build sliding mechanisms with the strength and rigidity of FRC linear elevators for a fraction of the complexity!

While our linear bearings work with any shaft or tube material, we recommend thin-wall steel in heavy-use subsystems to decrease wear on the shaft while still maintaining strength and keeping weight low. Alternatively, having replacement shafts or tubes prepared for heavy-use subsystems utilizing linear bearings helps alleviate this problem.

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P/N Description Material CAD Onshape Drawings Weight
WCP-0244 0.375" ID x 0.625" OD x 0.875" L (Linear Bearing) Steel STEP Link PDF 0.028 lbs
WCP-0245 0.500" ID x 0.875" OD x 1.25" L (Linear Bearing) Steel STEP Link PDF 0.079 lbs
WCP-0246 1" ID x 1.5625" OD x 2.25" L (Linear Bearing) Steel STEP Link PDF 0.394 lbs