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VEXpro VersaHubs provide frustration-free torque transfer between wheels, gears, sprockets, and shafts.

Got a 1/2" Hex that you need to put a plate sprocket on? No problem. Need to mount a 64-tooth gear to your Mecanum Wheel? We can do that. Whatever your need, these hubs will help you integrate everything together seamlessly.

Most of the wheels and sprockets that teams typically use (including the previous generation of VEXpro wheels) don't take piloting into account. We wanted to make sure that everything pilots correctly... every time. Wheels, hubs, gears, sprockets… they all work together.

VersaHubs include the innovative VersaKey mounting system -- VersaKeys transfer torque between coaxial items, and also ensure everything is piloted correctly.

Note: ThunderHex should not be used with plastic hubs in high torque applications.


About Versahubs

All VEXpro "Versa" products have the innovative VersaKey mounting system with holes that makes it easy to mount wheels to sprockets, gears, shafts, and bearings. The pattern pilots items together without relying on screws. There are 6x 8-32 screws on a standard 1.875” bolt circle. There are 3x male and female keys on each side that transfer torque and pilot items together.

Using VersaHubs

VEXpro 6" and 8" Mecanum Wheels include the VersaKey pattern and require a 1/2" Sprocket Mount VersaHub to achieve proper wheel clearance when driven with chain.
VersaWheels and VersaWheel DTs mount directly to VersaKey gears, sprockets, or VersaPulleys. A VersaHub (1/2” Hex, Plastic) can be used to drive the assembly through a live axle.
Traction Wheels have a recessed VersaKey pattern, requiring a 1/4" Sprocket Mount VersaHub to provide proper clearance for gears, sprockets, or VersaPulleys.
A 1/2" Hex VersaHub can be used to properly pilot between a wheel with a hex bore and a sprocket, gear, or other VersaKey interface.

Mounting Two Plate Sprockets

If chain is being run on two sprockets of the same shaft (such as you would find in the center shaft of a 6-wheel drive), care must be taken to ensure proper chain clearance. For #25 chain, a 1/4" Sprocket Mount VersaHub can be used to achieve a compact package if the two master links are mounted on the "outside" of the chain run. For #35 chain, a 1/2" Sprocket Mount VersaHub is an ideal solution regardless of master link orientation.

Plastic ½" VersaHub

The best way to properly support and capture a wheel is with a VersaHub (1/2" Hex) on one side and a VersaHub (1/2" Hex, Plastic) on the other. The aluminum hub handles torque transfer from the axle to the wheel, while the plastic hub on the other side supports the wheel without adding much weight. A standard (or ThunderHex) bearing can also be used in place of a plastic VersaHub.

Using a VersaHub and VersaBlock

Since VersaKeys efficiently transfer torque while perfectly piloting gears or other hardware, VersaHubs can even be used to manipulate larger VersaFrame mechanisms. The VersaBlock includes a female VersaKey pattern which interfaces with driven rotary motion (such as a sprocket and chain) through a Sprocket Mount VersaHub. This technique was used in Team Copioli’s 2014 Build Blitz Robot and in the 2015 Build Blitz Simple Stacker.

Creating Your Own VersaHubs

While 1/2" hex is quickly becoming a common standard in competition robotics, we understand that many teams still use other axle options such as keyed shaft or other hex sizes. The 1/4” Round Bore VersaHub is designed with those teams in mind – simply broach, bore, or drill the center hole to your desired size and enjoy the advantages of the VersaKey system.
P/N Description Material CAD Drawings Weight
217-2592 1/2" Hex Bore Aluminum VersaHub 7075-T6 Aluminum STEP PDF 0.072 lbs
217-8079 1/2" Hex Bore Plastic VersaHub v2                                               Glass-Filled Nylon STEP PDF 0.050 lbs